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Beware COVID-19 Scams

Please be careful because there are new scams going around related to this COVID-19 / Coronavirus situation.

President Trump and Congress have discussed giving $1,000 cash payments to taxpayers but as of now that has NOT officially passed.

Some scammers are contacting people asking them to "sign up" to get their $1,000 check. Meaning they will ask for all your personal information so that they can do God Knows What with it. Identity theft, get into your bank account, etc.

Do NOT give your personally identifiable information--social security number, etc.--to anyone unless you 100% know that person is a trustworthy individual.

If the government wants to send you a $1,000 check, they have all your info already.

Or if they need something, they should contact you by a legitimate means, not some random phone call, text message, or email asking you to "sign up here" and win your $1,000 free money prize.

Feel free to contact me for advice on this type of thing, too, I want to help my clients avoid scams.

I will also strive to keep you posted of new developments when they come out regarding any relief checks that could be going out to people.

Please consider sharing this post with your friends so that we can minimize the number of people who get scammed.

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